Research & development 

Always persisting in the development strategy of examining into new products and technology, Wintafone has built long-term and closed scientific research relationship with more than 10 top-ranking Chinese research institutes, such as Shanghai Agrochemicals Research Institure, Jiangsu Agrochemicals Research Institute, CASA Plant Protction Institute, CA University, Nanjing Agricultural University, CP University and CRRI etc. Through interacting and intergrating with each oter of the production-study-research, the company has developed more than 20 new one-up domestic products and rewarded more than 10 research fruits, including health insecticide hydramethylnon and weed killer glyphosate with new technique which fill up domestic blank.


Since desgning and installing , Wintafone thinks highly of innovation and use of advanced process and technique, improving production efficency and products quality.